Clear Signs It's Time For Brake Repair

There are not many parts in a car that are as important as the brakes. Many people aren't fully aware of how dangerous it can be if brakes aren't properly maintained. Just because your vehicle stops when you brake doesn't mean the brakes are in completely good condition. Using your brakes when they are not in good condition can lead to some issues. It's important to at least be aware of some of the signs that indicate it's time for new brakes.

Harder to Stop

One of the easiest ways to tell your brakes are wearing down is if it requires a lot more pressure to get your vehicle to stop. If you are coming to a stop sign and your vehicle requires you to pump the brakes multiple times to fully stop, then they are no longer safe to use. Any time you no longer have confidence you can quickly stop in a traffic situation, then you are putting yourself and other drivers in danger. Not being able to stop properly usually indicates all four tires need to have their brakes checked.

Vehicle Vibrations

Another sign there is an issue with your brakes has to do with vibration. If you brake, whether it's driving slowly or fast, and you consistently notice the car vibrating, then you may have a brake issue. Vibrations can also mean that the rotors that the brakes are connected to could also be damaged or warped. Rotors can easily get damaged by wear and tear, especially if a driver has driven on worn brake pads for a long period. If there are vibrations when you brake, it might be good to have both the brakes and rotors in your vehicle examined.

Loud Sounds

The brakes can be a bit squeaky at times. This is true when brakes are brand new and first used until you wear them down a bit. There is also a really high-pitch sound that comes from brakes that are worn down significantly. This sound, especially if you know you haven't changed your brakes in a long time, usually indicates that you need to replace your brakes. It's possible to hear this sound and only have to replace the front or back brakes. Brakes don't always wear evenly, so sometimes you can replace only the front or only the back if you don't have the money to pay for all four.

It's hard to approach driving safely if you don't have good brakes. Understanding the signs that you need brakes can help you stay up on repairs and replacements as needed. By replacing brakes as needed, you can avoid causing damage to other parts--like the rotors. It's also not hard to have a mechanic check the condition of your brakes during an oil change or other maintenance checkup. 

To learn more, contact an auto brake repair service in your area.

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